E.J. Katigbak is a hypnotherapist based in Santa Monica.  But really, he’s an angel in making.  I say that not because I see those little wings growing on his back but I was touched by his profound desire to help heal the humanity.

E.J. is a former Marine, with years of service in the United States Military since 1993.  He joined the Army out of high school so he can get the education.  He was in the Navy stationed in Mayport, Florida when America was attacked on September 2001 and 6 months later got deployed to Afganistan for the first time.  He then transferred to the Marine in 2006.  During the 12 years of service, he was deployed all together five times including 2 tours in Iraq.  Just as thousands of other service men and women, E.J. experienced severe post-traumatic disorder syndrome after returning to his civilian life: having extreme difficulty dealing with a day-to-day life as a civilian.  After going to V.A. Hospital for counseling and support for months and not seeing much relief, he discovered hypnotherapy.  It was hypnotherapy that helped him to be able to go out in the world without being on a constant alert and able to interact with the society as an ordinary citizen in a “relatively peaceful” world.  That’s how he found his calling to be a healer himself.  He took on the training to become a hypnotherapist and more trainings in neuro linguistics as well as Angel Therapy with Doreen Virtue.

What strikes me about E.J. the most is that I can sense his innocence behind his quiet yet intense presence.  There is that piece of him that did not get scarred by the unfathomable experiences in the war zones — that part of him genuinely and desperately wants to help others to find the peace like he did.  I can’t speak for him, but I’m sure the horrific memories still affect him just as they do thousands of men and women who return from the war.  I think his vulnerability gives him the strength to treat people with such deep compassion because he “knows,” and that’s why  I think he’s a big angel in the making…  His wings are growing day by day.

I’ve been listening to his audio recording he made for me every night, and I dream about angels…

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