My Spot

I discovered this spot back in 1987 while I was still in college.  Since then, I’ve been coming here from time to time just to look at the ocean.  I’ve come here to cry; I’ve come here to take a nap; I’ve come here on a date…..  I’ve brought my parents here; I’ve brought my cat once while we were evacuated from the flee bomb; and I’ve brought a dear friend, who is now gone to Heaven.  Today I came here to think about the good times and bad times and about all the good friends I have, and to be grateful…

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Cleaning Crew

Every morning before the sun-seeking crowd gets here, there are these trucks that scan the beach to clean and level the sands.  They are a part of the familiar scene I encounter when I I do my morning bike ride.

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I hugged a tree this morning

Wanted to hug a big tree just to feel the warmth of Mother Earth, just to be assured everything is al’right, just to know I’m taken care of….

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Bull Dog

While I was meeting a friend at Whole Foods, I met this dog, Sasha.  Despite her fierce look, she was so mellow I couldn’t help but take my camera out.

I’m still working to build my confidence for photographing dogs that I don’t know.  This was one of those moments to give me the delight despite my insecurity.

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Unseasonable Freesias

I came home last night after being at the concert at the Pier to find a vase of unseasonable freesias on the dining table.  My husband had brought them for me fro Trader Joe’s.  He knows Freesias are my favorite flowers, but he said he had to read the price tag in the bucket to make sure they were freesias because he wasn’t sure.  Isn’t that sweet, though, he finally learned the name of the flower.

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Morning Ritual

So far we’ve had three days of glorious sunshine in the morning this week, and the temperature is comfortable enough to ride my bike without a jacket.   And I see “regulars” on the bike path — they are the “characters” in the scene that I would miss if I don’t see them.  As I’m on the path at least three times a week between 7 and 8 in the morning,  I wonder if anyone notice when I’m not there, or everyone is just into their own morning rituals…

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6AM Sky

As soon as I woke up today and looked out the window, I noticed the sky.   There is a saying in Japanese, 「早起きは3文の得」which is equivalent of “The early bird catches the worm.”  I didn’t particularly gain anything tangible, but I definitely felt lucky to have caught this sight this morning.

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Another Day in Paradise

While the rest of the world seems to be smothering in heat, it’s been more gray and cool in my neighborhood.  The marine layers stay around throughout most of the days and keeping the temperature unseasonably low. Then we got these glorious sunny morning a few days here and there.  Still, gray or blue, I’m grateful to live here as it is indeed a paradise.

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It was just another day at the beach except the dolphins were out there having lots of fun out in the ocean.  Instead of those little fins peeking out of the water surface, I got to see the whole bodies jumping out….  I wish I could go in to swim with them….

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I’ve had this cactus plant for more than 20 years.  It used to be in my bedroom and grew too big.  When I moved out of my condo I replanted some branches in smaller pots.  These blossoms come out during the summer and opens ONE night.  It’s fascinating to watch those little buds come out of the nods on the branches and grow…. only to bloom for just one night. I shot this at 12:15AM with long exposure….

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