Glenn Miller Festival takes place every year in a small town in Iowa called, Clarinda where Glenn Miller was born. With a fateful confluence, the festival has been hosting a fantastic band of players from a all girls high school in similarily small town in Kumamoto, Japan, called Tamana for the festival. The girls band has been coming in an entourage of about 50+ players every other year and mesmerizes the audience since 1990. Because there are not enough hotel accommodation in Clarinda, the families in the community open their home for the girls to stay, which spontaneously led the two cities to become official sister cities.

Chicago gang member James Lilly was shot and paralyzed at the age of fifteen. This intimate film follows his struggles and triumphs as he pursues his boyhood dream of becoming an athlete. Now an award-winning wheelchair racer, he has also become a role model for urban youth, and the kind of father he always wanted to have. DVD available on Amazon: